Breathe Deep

As a mother, who had four kids in four and a half years; it has been hard to catch my breath at times.

You know the song: "Breathe (2 a.m.)" by Anna Nalick?

Yeah, take all the lyrics out but the "just breathe" part and that's all I want,
for every milestone/holiday occasion,
until my kids are grown ;-)

Both you and your spouse can make all the excuses in the world as to why an outing,
sans kids,
is impossible, an inconvenience. 
When staring at a daunting, never-ending "to-do" list,
the wiser choice would seem to stay home and get things done.
The problem is,
(as an introvert especially),
a home, where I'm out-numbered by young-in's, doesn't recharge my batteries, 
it exhausts them.
And, an exhausted mama is not a good mama.

How then does one not neglect the "must do's" of motherhood yet still save ones sanity? 
You make time, in the midst of the mess of it all;

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Here is an example: This is me.

In the background, please make note of the packing boxes,
and the kids version of helpful cleanliness:
Lining up toys on the top of the fireplace mantle.
[Shaking my head, with a grin on my face and a roll of my eyes; yep, they're helpful] ;-)

We move in two weeks, out of a house we've been renting, into a home we've purchased. 
While overwhelmingly busy, with a giant list of things to accomplish,
(within 14 days),
stress has been ruling the roost and everyone's emotions,
especially those of the adults.
My soul has been yearning to breathe.

Usually, I am only able to "get away" by going to the basement,
switching out a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer;
however, even that "quiet" place has been disrupted,
by a 3 and 4 year old who want to "throw" clothes in.
And, not surprisingly, often miss the mark. 
[My kid's talents and gifts are not found within basketball, at least not yet;
no "Trick Shot Titus" here] ;-)

Motherhood is all encompassing and so I find what happened recently,
in the midst of the additional chaos a move creates,
to be extraordinary; a "God-thing":

I don't know about you, but as a busy mom, I typically don't scroll down,
or read through,
my Facebook news-feed.
However, a brief Facebook news-feed glance led me to the discovery of a friend,
from the Lower 48 States,
who was traveling to Alaska,
[that's where I live],
for her "once-in-a-lifetime" Alaskan adventure.

My friend was 3 and a half hours away, one-way.
Did I let that stand in my way?
No Way!
[That's a lot of "ways", eh?] :-)
Far from daunting,
It was a day-trip/road-trip that had my name written all over it!

There will always be something that stands in your way from truly living,
if you let it.
So, what's the solution?
It's simple:
Make life happen.
Make a decision to set aside that which threatens to put you asunder.
And, above all else, take time to breathe;
breathe deep.

Tweet: "#Friendship brings value to #survival" (C.S. Lewis). #quote @MomProTitus2

Thank you, Stacie, for an opportunity to celebrate friendship, laughter and... breathing :-)

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