Give Yourself Some Credit!

If you're a mom, the name, MomPro, may be a label you're uncomfortable with.
A name that's hard to embrace,
am I right?

I mean, if you're anything like me, I have only to look at the state of my home, most days, to think I'm failing miserably!

More likely to embrace the name, MomPro, in jest:

While I was putting laundry away, my three and four year old's found some paint,

this is what I found when I found them:


Now; hopefully, it's never been that big of a mothering faux-pas.

After all, we all know,
when children are in the house,
and it's too quiet,
they're probably up to something they shouldn't be.

Too often we shy away from things that serve to affirm us as Mom's.

Too often we think we've failed.

However, I beg to differ with you:

If you love your children, you are a MomPro.

If you are giving your all to raise them up, you are a MomPro!

Whether you see yourself as a failure or a success,

in God's eyes, and in the eyes of your children:

Some days are long,

some days just plain crazy,

but one thing never changes

and that's your title as Mom.

God's got you and you've got this;

Yes, you are a MomPro!

Sometimes labels are good to wear;

trust me, this label fits you perfectly.

Give Yourself Some Credit!

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