10 Reasons to Homeschool

1. "There's No Place Like Home" (Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz).

No truer words.

2.  Freedom(s)Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Class Schedule,
Freedom of What's Taught and What's Not, etc.

There are no due dates, there are no rigid tests, there are no pop quizzes; there is no sliding grade scale, there's no daily homework, there are no class presentations; we do not have "Active Shooter Drills", tornado drills, or earthquake drills; and, with all of the above in mind, there's no anxiety and we are free of worry and stress.

We can stand, at attention, with our right hands covering our hearts and say the Pledge of Allegiance for the start of each school day. We're able to pray at will. We have a Bible on hand at all times.

We have full control over our curriculum and are able to speak freely too. We are home and the only rules that apply are the rules of our own making. We are free to be ourselves; we are free.

We Are Free - Image by Free-Photos via Pixabay - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

3.  Go your own way!

Kids are free to work at their own pace. Hit their own milestones as they're ready and able. Kids are able to study their interests and focus on them. They'll be exposed to much, get a well rounded education; and, yet, if they know paleontology is their end goal their focus can be within those areas of science and they need not be held back by other things that only serve to distance them from where their passion lays. Within home-schooling, like no other place on earth, going your own way is cheered on, encouraged, praised and lauded. 

4.  Outdoor Play.

Time spent outdoors is good for ones spirit;
click on the letters in bold above for some great ideas!

5.  Learning in the every day. 

So Much More Than Cooking - Image via Image Quotes

6.  Return to Innocence.

7.  Family Bonds

Living with your people 24/7 to some might seem daunting; but, as the kids age and become more and more independent your alone time as mom and teacher increases. Do you know what else increases? The bonds within your family. You've been your kids rock and played an integral role within their salvation. You've been available for them to talk with, and cuddle, and read to, and have been a source of joy for them (at least after you've had your coffee!)

The rewards? An 11 year old son who wants to hug his mom; and, in the privacy of your own home, still sometimes calls you "Mommy".  A 10 year old daughter who considers you her "bestie".  An 8 year old sprite of a girl who wants to sit on your lap and read to you because she's a reader now.  A 7 year old boy who loves you with all his heart; and, now knowing he can't marry you, at the very least wants to know he can live with you for the rest of his life. The bonds are real, and they're tight, and they are oh. so. good.

8.  Dance like Nobody's Watching!

Dance parties in the living room cannot be beat!
My kids are partial to singing and dancing to today's popular music via 


which, thankfully, works to improve the original lyrics
to make the songs tween centered and mother approved. 

9.  Non-Existent Peer Pressure.

Are your kids high school classmates modeling to your children the use of vulgarities within their regular speech patterns? Are your kids classmates leading them into a world of smoking, drinking, or doing drugs? Inviting them to parties where these things will be made available? Pressuring them into playing spin-the-bottle or encouraging them to have sex?

These things are unlikely to be found within most home-school settings and circles.

Enough said.

10.  No Drama 

Oh, there are the typical arguments and "fights" between siblings that any family experiences; but, there's no drama outside of the home we have to deal with. No friendships that breakdown or fall apart, no bullies walking the halls, no cliques; no distractions, outside of those of our own choosing; no comparisons, hearts are protected and cared for; there is peace because there is no drama. It truly is a beautiful thing.

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August 03, 2023


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