Seek Like Kings: The Beginning

This will be controversial; but, when has playing it safe ever gotten anyone anywhere? Words from Kyle and Ashley Elrod coming up next:

"It is with exceptional gratitude and excitement that we get to write our first piece for the MomPro community. It is also our hope that the articles shared by us will bless and enrich the lives of anyone who stumbles upon our content. With that said, we also hope to uproot, destroy, and demolish every presupposition and lazy theological precept.  

This premise may not sound traditionally biblical but please allow us to briefly explain. The urge and unction placed on us a number of years ago was born after discovering Proverbs 25:2 

"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter."

Perhaps it was the timing of where our faith was at during the time in learning that our Father has actually called us all to be little "k" kings , but it suddenly struck us that this was a promise not just some wispy proverb. God actually desires to lead us into our individual roles of king (or queen) -ship within the context of relationship with the Holy Spirit. I almost see it as a giant heavenly Easter Egg hunt, where God as Father has scattered aspects of Himself all across the canvas of His creation and is just waiting for His children to discover some new aspect of how awesome He is in His love for us (not to mention our identity as it relates to His nature.) 

With this as the reality that we have chosen to filter our church experiences through, we have sadly been left wanting. It has become our mission to learn where the lines break between culture and Scripture. Where is denomination actually division, and unity actually compromise? What does it mean to be "Christian" in our modern culture? How do we maintain the integrity of the Gospel while still exploring the unknown depths of the Heavenly vaults kept in store for the Saints? How do we balance being Earth-sent yet Heaven-bound?

No Answers - Image Provided by qimono via Pixabay - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

We only seek to find the true questions, and those brave enough to seek them with us. We invite you to join us in our adventure, and please feel free to share questions of your own on our Facebook page:
Seek Like Kings."

Following the crowd leads to destruction;
but, following the Word of God leads to safe passage.

What Love Looks Like - Picture Provided by the Elrod Family

Approaching 10 years of marriage with 4 kids to boot, 
Kyle and Ashley Elrod have devoted themselves to family 
and enjoying the roller coaster of life that follows. 
Being led through numerous cities and church families 
by the chaotic winds of change, 
they have come to the conclusion that God has called His Bride to be more.
With that at the forefront of their minds, 
they live to seek God and uncover His mysteries.  

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