That's Really Why I'm Here

I was sitting in a dining room when I (thought it was safe and) told a man who had taught Bible class
that I felt I’d be speaking on stage.

He tilted his head and patted me on the shoulder, “Yeah… but if He’s not….”

I was only asking for prayers. That’s the only reason I told him.
It was a small group meeting and – prayer is part of it, right?

But when he didn’t believe me, I was faced with another situation entirely: A test of faith.

Did I actually believe what I was saying I know? Or did I not?

I looked at him (not aware back then of his condescending tone) and after deep thought for a minute,
I said again, “But… He is.” I just …knew.

And again, this faith-lacking, prideful, young Bible class teacher looked into my eyes, shook his head and said with a smirk (clearly now I realize it was proof he didn’t believe me) and patted me again on the shoulder, “Yeahh….but if He’s NOT….”

What I read from Genesis to Revelation
is that God has always used lesser known
messy people with messy lives
to carry out His Divine purpose.

Divine Purpose - Image by Lindsay_Jayne via Pixabay - Words by Kerri Valor - Overlay by Jennie Louwes
I’ve had something like 7 years to think about that moment.
He didn’t seem to believe God would choose someone like me
(clearly nobody in this man’s eyes)
to share:

God. Faith. Story. - Image by Free-Photos via Pixabaty - Words by Kerri Valor - Overlay by Jennie Louwes

It’s funny how some moments seem to last so much longer than others.

I believe God allows and purposely tests our faith with moments like these.

People everywhere are constantly demanding field- and factory-tested products but they are the same people who tend to shake their fist in defiant anger when anyone tests or challenges their beliefs.

That’s a bit of a double standard.

God humbles and tests us, refines us, and He says He will finish what He starts.

And it turns out it doesn’t matter who else believes what He’s doing with you but you.

Believe in Yourself - Image by Free-Photos via Pixabay - Words by Kerri Valor - Overlay by Jennie Louwes
Kerri Valor shares "That's Really Why I'm Here" in it's entirety on her blog:

Kerri's 7 years of waiting coincide with MomPro's 7 years of becoming;
we don't believe in coincidences. 

God sees everything and nothing is wasted.

There Are No Coincidences - Kerri Valor - Image Provided by the Valor Family

Kerri Valor and her daughters
are currently waiting in faith in Northwest Washington
for God to open doors to Alaska. 
They welcome your prayers,
as well as financial partnership,
to bring into fruition the homeless shelter
God has pressed upon their hearts
to create.




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