Practical Solutions for Spiritual Progress and Internal Growth

Anyone who knows me well, knows that one of my biggest pet peeves are inauthentic people. In order for there to be any growth in myself and my relationships in life, there must be a high standard in my life for vulnerable authenticity. Well buckle up, because here comes a taste of my own medicine.
I've struggled in producing content lately because of the harsh reality that, by rights, nobody reading this should ever listen to me. Total transparency, I am going through life with my head barely above water like the rest of us. I am what my beautiful Texan wife would call a "hot mess".

Like so many others, I am a freshly turned 32 year old attempting to balance a fabrication based employment (read: long hours involving back breaking lifting and constant dodging of workplace politics involving the man-children I call coworkers), 4 actual children whom I'm told I must claim as my own (just kidding... usually), a newly purchased house that has decided to crumble as soon as we got the keys, and a wife. The last point should speak loud enough to anyone reading this who is also married. Apparently spouses need constant attention, or one day you wake up after 10 years to a complete stranger sharing your bed. Then to top it all off, adulting seems to require a legitimate attempt at managing my crippling anxiety, depression, a massive OCD potential, not to mention my emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health. Is it time for bed yet?

Please don't get me wrong, I am genuinely grateful for all the blessings in my life. My job is the only way we were able to buy our first house. My children are among some of the most kind, thoughtful and well rounded kids you'll ever meet, and my wife is truly a gift and blessing, even after 10 years. I wouldn't change my life for anything in the world. I am, however, still working on the management part.
You see, It's great to offer words of heavenly wisdom. To give my two cents on obtuse theological propositions and pretend like I have an inkling of experience or wisdom of any practical bearing. Can I be honest though? There is one piece of lived experience I feel like I can give. Sometimes, living a Kingdom life looks really practical. Like, almost too practical.

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For the last couple years, I was convinced that growing in God meant climbing the church ministry ladder. It looked like growing in the prophetic, or healing, or mission trips, or constant outreach evangelism. Now please don't get me wrong, none of these are in any way wrong or hindering. I have really taken stock, though in a very undervalued scripture. You know the one. That little verse that talks about about that insignificant little detail about proving ourselves in the little things; and that to whom already has, more will be given. I've lost count of the number of sermons that speak of the spiritual values connected with these verses. I have to tell you, as much as I like those sermons... it's past time to make this practical also.

As much as spiritual progress includes internal growth and connection to Holy Spirit, or memorizing verses, or worshiping with fellow believers, it doesn't ONLY look like that. Sometimes, progress also looks like managing debt. Maybe it looks like taking a day to do puzzles with your kids? Maybe it looks like taking your spouse on a date? Maybe it looks like honoring promises that require creating and managing time or attention towards something you gave your word to do?  Maybe it looks like diagnosing and managing our emotional/spiritual/physical struggles that we have been avoiding? Maybe it's going to the gym or reworking our nutritional lifestyles? The best part, is that even all these things can further our relationship with Holy Spirit. He cares about our lives on even these seemingly mundane issues of life. He is always seeking to impart Kingdom grace, wisdom, and power towards these issues we all face in our everyday lives.

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It is my greatest hope that in this new year, we can become a church that grows in the ability to offer practical help and solutions to a world beyond crippled by fear and anxiety. We have the power of Holy Spirit in us, may we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear Kingdom Strategies, first in our own lives, and then, the world.

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Approaching 10 years of marriage with 4 kids to boot, Kyle Elrod has devoted himself to family while enjoying the roller coaster of life that has followed.
 Being led through numerous cities and church families by the chaotic winds of change, he has come to the conclusion that God has called His Bride to be more. With that at the forefront of his mind, he lives to seek God and uncover His mysteries: Seek Like Kings.

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