ABC's of Motherhood: Extra Good

We all know "X" has a limited amount of words it fits within
and while my mind kept drifting to "X-rated"
I decided I'd rather keep this entry light and fluffy instead of hot and heavy.

When disturbing is the world's status quo
it's better to present an alternative to what the media typically presents,

As a mama,
our hot and heavy can be summed up in laundry, removed from the dryer;
feeling its warmth for 10 seconds,
a brief sigh of pleasure and contentment,
before the drudgery of laundry detail sets in.

And, I know we should be glad to even have all this laundry to do!
But, when you're knee-high in it; well, sometimes it's hard to send up the praise.

I've known of quite a few new mama's, 
of late, 
who are asking the all-important questions of laundry detergent, baby wash, etc.
The name brands you can trust and the ones without chemicals you should be using.

The only products I use are of the Norwex variety.

First, I love my balls!

I love my balls! - Word-Overlay by Jennie Louwes

The ones that go in my dryer and are made of wool;

Norwex Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls- Photograph and Word-Overlay by Jennie Louwes

No more dryer sheets - Woot! Woot!

Second, I use Ultra-Power Plus for all of my wash.

Norwex Ultra-Power Plus - Photograph and Word-Overlay by Jennie Louwes

Wash for me, is an almost daily occurrence.
It has to be with a family of 6
from being in a knee-high mess I'd be in over-my-head;
the first reported death of drowning by laundry would be mine!

Third, this 4-in-1 bubble bath, body wash, shampoo and conditioner is everything!

Norwex 4-in-1 Kid's Wash - Photograph and Word-Overlay by Jennie Louwes

All-natural, smells auh-maz-ing,
kid's love it, I love it; everybody comes out

Norwex: Mother Approved! - Photograph and Word-Overlay by Jennie Louwes

More of this please!

No more chemicals on our clothes,
no more chemicals within our baths,
we're all-natural over here!


Light and fluffy.

You know, like Kate Bosworth in the cotton commercials;

except, without all the white.

Because, as every mama knows, if you (or one of your children) wears white
you're just asking for the dirt to fly, and the food to be thrown, and the juice to spill, etc.

But, yeah,

Cotton Good - Word-Overlay by Jennie Louwes

Cheers to new babies
and the ability to mother with more intention
and less toxins
in our homes;
giving my all to raise you up!


Norwex: One Household At A Time

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