An Open Letter to Kim Fields

Anyone else guilty of watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta?
Brave enough to raise your hands?
The Bibles states: "I will not look at anything shameful.
I hate all wrongdoing. I want no part of it!" (Psalm 101:3)
I don't know about you, but women barely dressed,
who refer to themselves as *itches,
would be a part of the "shameful" category, no?

Kim Fields recently joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.
If you're my age, (37.5), perhaps you remember watching her as Tootie on The Facts of Life;
if nothing else, you remember the theme song, right?

As a Christian we can count Kim as family, our sister in Christ. 
Thus far, she has brought decorum, reason,
sanity and Jesus
to the ladies' gatherings on RHOA (Real Housewives Of Atlanta).
For me, she's a breath of fresh air!

You see, often I've watched RHOA as a window into a world that makes me thankful
to be living in mine. 
The drama of the cast members version of "real" life 
has at times almost convinced me that being a hermit is best!
Of course, God calls us into the world to shine His light;

Following is a letter I've written to Kim Fields,
may it be of encouragement to her
and to all who read it:

Dear Ms. Fields,

Sound too formal? Too old? I understand that!

Perhaps Kim would be most appropriate? However, I know you've been looking for Kimmy
and so it's to Kimmy's heart I'd like to speak.

Kimmy loves her some Jesus, 
her husband, her boys.
Her abundance comes out of her home; 
specifically, her life at home,

of the love found there. 

Kimmy, there's nothing wrong with joy being found wrapped up in 
making your boy's their lunches, car-pool or 
serving your husband.
In fact, it's a blessing that this brings joy, contentment and completion to you.
Rare is the love you and your husband share,
rare is the home life you find yourself providing for your boys;
your family will arise and call you blessed!

The Bible calls us to be cautious of the company we keep.
Although, we as Christians are called to meet others where they're at,
witnessing our faith to them and pouring out the love of Jesus,
we also need to ensure we do not live as they live.
Women in the world have no comprehension of the love,
or family life,
God has abundantly blessed you with Kim.
They look down on you, scoff at your tears,
partly out of jealousy, envy, their own fears.

Yes, as a house-wife it's true,
many of us would love to have our husbands say,
"I'll take care of the kids. I'm giving you a three day weekend; spend time on you!" 
Many of us would happily take our husbands up on this for two reasons:
1.) We are over-whelmed by motherhood. We love it, but at times hate it;
we don't have enough support around us and we doubt our abilities to handle it all
and handle it well.
2.) For better, or worse, (and it's part of #1), we don't have a love 
that represents Christ and the Church fully.
We might have been joined as "one" with our spouse
but we are still very separate, 
finding ourselves under a microscope 
rather than being truly encouraged; and, because of this, 
we seek a break from our kids and our husbands too.

But, you Kimmy, have been blessed with love in abundance. 
And, you have creative outlets to call your own.
It's that mix that allows you to flourish at home.

I encourage you to read Titus 2, you live it well!
And, Proverbs 31, it could have been written about you.
Perhaps, Kimmy is not lost at all 
and through this show, RHOA, maybe your eyes will fully see:
The Kimmy you are today is the same Kimmy that's always been 
just grown and wiser.
May the new experiences you're being exposed to 
simply shine a light even more on your blessings.

The ladies, on RHOA, don't represent a community that makes sense to you
because your true community lies with fellow believers
who are fully living out their beliefs;
not perfectly,
because, we all have flaws, room to grow and sin to overcome,
but women who speak of Jesus all day long;

Jesus is as much a part of them as the air they breath.

You aren't going to ever fully be Kimmy, 
the woman God calls His bride,
among people who are pointing you to yourself, or them, and away from Him.

Kimmy hasn't been lost, in fact,
she's been found.
She's in your heart of hearts,
she's you when no one else is around,
she's also the woman happiest when tending to her family.
There's nothing wrong with you;
may more woman aspire to be like you,
finding their happiness at home.

Love in Christ,
From one MomPro to another,

Jennie Louwes

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