Cleanse Yourself; Be Made Clean

As mama's we know
a bath
is a luxury;
a bath, 
without company,
almost unheard of!

If you're anything like me
you long for a bath

settle for a shower
and are simply grateful,
and count it a win,
if you're able to take a shower
night begins!
Am I right!?!

don't tell anybody",
if I show-up for church,
on a Sunday,
wearing a hat,
(and I'm not talkin' Kentucky Derby fabulous,
I'm talking a baseball cap),
chances are 
my kids will show-up cleansed,

my husband too;
but me, not so much.
Even so, 
I'm still like, 
"Hallelujah, we made it!"
Even dirty, there's reasons to be grateful;
making it to church,
on any given Sunday,
a win in my book!

It warms my heart
we can find a church to go to
where they welcome you just as you are
'cause Sunday's best dressed for me,
right now,
is showing up in clothes that aren't
stained, or wrinkled, and they might even match!
Where my body could possibly use a washing
but at least my clothes are clean and fresh.

The above all being said,
verses in the Old Testament,
that speak of people being made clean,

(utilizing water to purify themselves), 
have been resounding within my heart lately.
Now, I know Old Testament rituals and rules are not shared
for us to follow legalistically
but to learn from.
What have I been gleaning from references dealing with water?
The importance of being clean.
For me, this has nothing to do with presenting myself a certain way to anybody;
actually, it's about self-care.

When we're clean we feel better,
better about ourselves.
And, even if it's only a five minute shower,
with a toddler peeking at you around the shower curtain,
or a newborn in a bouncy seat, on the floor, and you are the one
doing the peering,
playing peek-a-boo to bring about giggles, coos and smiles;
a moment,
with a curtain drawn,
gives you, as a mom, a moment to breathe deep,

to feel the cleansing power of water upon your skin;
a moment to center yourself before the next mothering task begins.
It brings about renewal and a renewed focus;
currently, my version of Amazing Grace.

With this new revelation has come hope for a better tomorrow.
For the next 7 days I'm going to wake-up,
feed my kids breakfast,
change my youngest's diaper,
and then?
I'm going to give myself a moment to pause
as I jump in the shower.
Before knocking out my to-do list
I'm going to put the clean on me;
and, before I step out of the shower, I'm going to fix my eyes on Jesus and say,
"With you, I'm ready to face the day;
let's do this!"
I'm anticipating some positive changes as a result; 
there must be something in the water,
it truly is life-giving.

#7DayChallenge, are you in?

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