Connected in the Deep

To be seen,
To be known,
To know we are not alone.

To look each other in the eye,

no words;
all of humanity
connected in the deep.

No one should disappear,
be unaccounted for;
we should seek to know our neighbors,
both at home 
and in the workplace.
For all who seek transparency
there are those who wish to hide;
but, deep down inside
connection is what we long for,
what we need to thrive.

Purpose beyond ourselves; 
love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:30-31).

Kind words go far,
as well as kind gestures:
Giving credit where credit is due,
celebrating each other's successes.
Knowing enough to ask of a
spouse, dog or child
and to genuinely listen,
with rapt attention,
as your paths cross.
Because, life carries on
beyond where x marks the spot.

Allow your soul to linger;
to see into another,
what lies below the surface

and resides in the deep.

A first glance reveals little; a prolonged gaze uncovers hidden truths.

To be seen,
To be known,
To know we are not alone.

We're all more alike 
than different;
vulnerability key
if we are ever to see and be seen.

Mistakes lead to greatness;
allow room for failures and faults.

This truth remains:
God calls us each by name.
There is no one insignificant;
spur one another on with encouragement (Hebrews 10:24-25),
in Him we're made perfect.

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