Clear Glass, Sassafras and a Slice of Humble Pie

Good or bad
we want a clear picture of those who govern us.

We want to know them so well it's as if we could see through them,
like glass,

nothing hidden.

We want clear speech.
Not well-versed, but heartfelt.

Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson speak clearly, from their hearts.

Perhaps, Donald Trump could use a slice of humble pie 
while Dr. Ben Carson could use a bit more sassafras; however,
I'm glad to see them both at the top of the recent Iowa polls.

I tend to gravitate towards outsiders and underdogs,
the above two, "Grand Old Party" candidates, remain both
while surging in the polls. 

I think it's advantageous to change Washington,
the "Washington Cartel" as Senator Ted Cruz calls it,
by changing things at the top.

The outsiders, looking to enter in,
don't want to engage in game play but want to obliterate it.
Trump by being the major player savvy enough to checkmate any king

and Carson by surrounding himself with a team of individuals, as smart as himself,
seasoned in the world at large; both candidates opposites and yet with the same goal:
To make America great again!

Personally, I like candidates that speak of their beliefs, that quote Scripture,
that wear their beliefs on their sleeve.

People who cannot keep from mentioning God because God is central to who they are. 
Dr. Ben Carson is that type of individual.

However, when looking at the likes of Putin, ISIS, and the leaders in Iran;
a hard-line charger, who won't hold back any punches, is the type of leader we need 
and Trump represents that best.

America needs change to become great again, 
the world needs change too.

We need someone like Allen West:

Allen West is not running for President but would make a good running mate.

For we need men who are "harmless as doves" - (men with good hearts) -
who are "wise as serpents" (Matthew 10:16).

We need a President, and running mate, who are able to truly team together to turn the tide of American and World History
once more. 

To be clear as glass, (honest, plain-speaking),
with enough sass to be hard-hitting,
and humbleness to know that you cannot go it alone, 
("Seek ye first the Kingdom of God" - Matthew 6:33);
this will equate to America finding favorable standing once more.

Pray for America.

Battered and Broken,
due to negligence, deceit and disengagement;
however, strength remains.

A country founded upon "One Nation, Under God"
has time to return to its bedrock of belief in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord;
when all that's left is faith, you discover that faith is enough.

America will be made great again.

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