America's Trump-Card: An Open Letter

Dear Mr. Trump,

Your first debate is quickly closing in and I wish you the best.

Pursue your mission and continue to be bold.

In the words of an acquaintance of mine:

"You were designed to grow through adversity. 
It will mold, shape and fashion you into the weapon you were created for.
Don't resist it.
Grow through it."
(Jeremiah Yancy)

Be out-spoken but have decorum;
Be honest without being rude.

Balance out your worst with your best;
be transparent with the whole of who you are,
what you believe,
what you stand for.

at the ready;
but, every word need not fight.

Confidence above arrogance:
Lean not on your own understanding; 
acknowledge God's knowledge above your own. 
(Proverbs 3:5-6)

Take up your cross and follow; then, you will truly lead.

Bring God back,
the God of Our Fathers,
the sovereign strength that begets an infallible foundation.

You resonate,
one with the people,
as you speak your mind without worry of being politically correct;
as it should be.

Not a politician but a businessman skilled in negotiation;
you are who you are without apology.

At this point I am praying you become America's Trump-Card 
and deliver on your promise to:
"Make America Great Again!"

America may be battered but not broken for:

Close our borders, 
reform our immigration laws and policies,
build-up our military might once more;
prepare for war because war will come.

Stop the murder of innocents; 
overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Balance our budget, 
repay our debts so we are beholden to no one;
help us to stand on our own,
regain our independence,
and produce our own sources of energy,
no longer reliant upon foreign oil.

America is floundering because it has not been led but led astray;
bring back Biblical principals and all other things will fall into place.

Bring prayer back to public schools,
the Ten Commandments on courthouse lawns,

crosses re-resurrected where they have been felled;
no longer allow one voice of dissent to change godly traditions.

May you continue to spur people out of their complacency.

And, as many try to "bury" you, may you find you continue to rise.

For just as many Christians believe:

"They've tried to bury us but they haven't realized we're seeds." (Christian Today)

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