What's in a Name?

You have only to look at the Bible to see names that meant something. Names were given with much thought and care. They either described a circumstance or were given as a blessing; never meant to curse, but to define the person. And, so the naming of my children was done with thought, care; a desire to bless them and bring about a definition of character:

Guy Gregory - A representation of historical value; a watchful leader.
Analeigh Jean - A delicate lady of favored grace; God is gracious.
Gracie Allyen Isabel - God is gracious; a woman who will stand on the Rock, taking Christ as her oath.
Cruz Hildebrand - Cross bearer, follower of Christ; part of the Lord's army.


My own name, Jennie Leigh, equates to a fair-lady, fair in complexion, and delicate. Named after my grandmother, I am also strong. Strong in faith, as well as character, doing my best to fill my grandmother's shoes well.

Over the course of the past two years, God has blessed me with two more names: MomPro and Provider. I've wrestled with one, while being accepting of the other, but am still in process of adequately bringing about a full definition of both. This I know for sure, they are names of great blessing, as well as depth; meant as descriptions for me to aspire to, and fulfill, and meant for me to encourage others with as well.

A MomPro, who provides, describes women everywhere!

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