It's Time!

Compassionate love,
joy, peace;
we all need and crave such things.

I had a vision,
it came to me in a dream;
that was 3.5 years ago
and the vision was MomPro. 
I'm still working on bringing it to life
and figuring out, piece by piece, what it means. 

Now, at

I've been awake tossing and turning and all I keep hearing is, "It's time!"

It's time, 
it's time,
it's time, it's time, it's time.

You see, all of this time I've been comparing.
I thought I was learning,
and I have been,
but knowingly or unknowingly
the underlining hindrance has been

I'm not your average Jane; 
none of us are,
none of us completely the same.

everybody line-up,
it's time to go outside!

(And, you know you're a mom when you start quoting cartoons).

I had to take a journey,
a journey to, (once again), come into my own.
To color outside the lines,
to travel outside the box of my own making,
To not be afraid of my voice;
I've been one of you
all along.

Proverbs 31 Ministries,
Propel Women,
Lisa Bevere, Christine Caine,
Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Heidi St. John,
Nicki Koziarz, Christine Abraham;
and the list could go on!
I've been one of you all along;
different and yet the same.
Each on a mission,
sent by God,
to be a voice speaking into the wilderness;
bringing water and fresh manna to those parched with thirst,
the living water of Jesus Christ.

Generationally linked,
all women are mothers;

Ladies of Faith,
Speakers of Truth,
I'm growing and being lifted up to follow your steps
and then,
to create my own.

3.5 years
and yet I'm perpetually just getting started;

MomPro has been a blog; 
I know it's time to expand,
I've found my voice.

My break-through moment?
Now, that makes me laugh!
I don't know why,
but Instagram has set me free!
That's where I'm building community.
I may only have 87 followers
but we all have to start somewhere;
I know God's going to take this platform,
like each of the others,
and grow it. 
Like the other women mentioned,
it's not about me,
it's not about them,
it's all about you and Him!

Each social media channel holds it's own key.

I've been able to unlock the doors of Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In.
I've been myself on Linked-In (and now Instagram)
but have held back on Twitter and Facebook, 
utilizing others material more than my own;
but, true community means a fellowship of the heart
and transparency.
My Facebook audience doesn't know what to do with me; 
they'll learn to like me again.

Life's more than encouragement written on walls,
life's also about fellowship and hospitality;
I'm inviting you in!

I lift-up my hands to Jesus,
"Time for what, Oh Lord?
I'm ready, I'm willing, show me the way!"
Now, I'll close my eyes
and wait for the answer;
He speaks to me in my dreams.


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Jean Postema
Jean Postema

June 07, 2016

Hallelujah Jesus!!! Show this mom the way. Give her your clear light to follow. Amen.

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