Why Being Single Is Okay

The older I get, the more I feel like I am deviating away from my original plans.

In high school, I thought I knew what I wanted in life. In my ten-year plan, I would go to college, get a degree in biology, become a doctor or something equivalent, meet the love of my life, and be married by the time I was twenty-five.

I am currently twenty-one-years-old, and I just graduated from college. College itself was an experience, and I changed my mind so many times. Looking back now, why did I think I wanted to become a doctor? I loathed all of my chemistry classes—I have never been great at math. So, between the stresses of life, present-life and the future, I changed my major to English. It was the best decision of my life. I also barely made the cut to graduate on time, but that is a different story.

Now that I am done with college and making an attempt at this whole “adulting” thing, the last thing on my mind is settling down. However, this outlook is not shared by everyone. I cannot even begin to recall how many times I have been asked by my family if I have started dating yet, and the answer always is: I am in no rush to date or get married.

The fact is:

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Despite what everyone says, I believe that being single is okay. And if I am being honest, I think it is a great thing.
Here are a few reasons why:

1. There is no one holding you back.

Many times, I see people in relationships struggle with the fact that they do not want to displease their significant other. There is nothing wrong with making sure that your partner is happy; however, I think it is a bit adverse when you limit yourself from achieving greatness just because your significant other says, “no.”

Compromising is one thing; but, if someone simply does not have your best interest, then what is the point? But as a single person, there are no worries about that. The world is your oyster.

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2. Peace of mind.

When you are single, your mind is not cluttered with worries about someone else. The reality is, constantly having someone in the back of your mind all the time is exhausting.

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3. Learning what you value.

Being single allows you to re-evaluate yourself, as well as the things that are important to you. During this season of your life, you get to focus on those specific things. Maybe you want to work on your relationships with friends, family, or even your spiritual relationship.

Or, maybe you realize that everything that was once of importance no longer means anything—and that is okay too. That is the beauty of singleness; it allows time to figure all of that out.

4. Self-care.

Although "self-care" can come with negative connotations, like selfishness, it is far from self-indulgence. I love promoting self-care because it leads to important factors that everyone should think about.

Self-care is important—and extremely necessary—because if we do not even understand ourselves, who will? If we do not love ourselves, who will?

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There is only one you, and that makes your existence incredibly special.

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Gabrielle Yang—or as her friends like to call her, Gabby—is a recent graduate of Wingate University, with a major in English. 
For as long as she can remember, she’s had a passion for writing. 
Along with a love for writing, she also has a serious case of wanderlust. 
Her favorite place that she has visited is Strasbourg, France! 
She is currently in a period of transition from student-life to adult-life, 
and is waiting on God’s timing to see what He has planned for her future. 

When she is not writing, you can find her nose-deep in literature 
or day-dreaming about the next adventure. 

You can see more adventures, as well as everyday life, on her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gabbyxng/

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