Two Plus One

When a couple embarks on a journey toward parenthood, they go into it filled with excitement, wonder, and joy. Initially, their sexual experiences together are more special and intimate as their oneness has an additional layer of purpose and hope attached to it. No couple thinks they'll be the ones who have trouble conceiving.

Despite knowing infertility exists, every couple believes a baby will result as they let biology do its thing and the God of miracles do His. However, God has a plan for all of us, including those who are yet to be born; sometimes, "go and bear much fruit" comes about in unexpected ways.

One's whose journey to parenthood I followed closely for a time was John and Jillian Burden's. Jillian is the writer, truth-teller, and voice behind "Adding a Burden". For those lost in the desert of a wait you never thought you'd have to experience, where your dreams have been evaporating and you've begun to question your faith in God because you're failing to see His goodness when the answer sought, of "Yes", comes back as "No" or "Wait";

Outside the Box - Artwork by Julie Quinn

Sometimes, we have to step outside of the perimeters of the lives we've put ourselves within to look at alternatives. A child doesn't have to be your "mini-me" to be your baby and although similarities come about through shared DNA they also come about simply from being raised in a stable, loving environment. You will be imprinted upon your baby no matter how your baby comes about.

I had never heard of snow-flake adoption until Jillian Burden's words introduced me to it. God has a purpose for all of the unborn, including the frozen, fertilized embryo's of others; 

Conception - Artwork Created by Julie Quinn

Even if you're a couple who is unable to conceive a child of their own through sex, this doesn't automatically mean that you'll be unable to become pregnant or maintain/sustain a pregnancy for 40 weeks. It just means the process might come about differently than you had once anticipated and expected.

If you need encouragement or someone to relate your journey to I urge you to read John and Jillians' shared, true stories. Start at the beginning. She too felt as though she was lost and stuck in a pit that she'd never be able to find her way out from. And, now? Well, now, she's a mother of three.

It wasn't easy. There were many tears shed. From a child adopted from Russia to a snowflake adoption resulting in a pregnancy that was all too short-lived, to a snowflake adoption that led to the birth of twins. Her story can be your story too.

Barren - Artwork by Julie Quinn

God can still re-write your story of infertility to include an ending that encompasses the desires of your heart coming true.

Giving my all to raise you up!


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