Treasured Keepsakes

A hand-print.
A foot-print.

Made with fast, air-drying clay.

Imprints made when my daughter was 3 months old are treasured keepsakes that have brought immense wonder and joy to her and I. We stare at them, feel them, compare her hands and feet now to them and marvel at how fast she's grown! How tiny she once was!

How quickly she's gone from baby to kid. She's still got 5 perfect fingers, on each hand, and 5 perfect toes, on each foot, they just aren't so small anymore. The hand-print, and foot-print, earthly treasures she and I will keep. The way things once were, the way things are now; looking back with fondness at the memories of life.

The hand-print and foot-print in the clay are a great reminder. A way for my daughter and I to see, and take into account, how she was (and is) fearfully and wonderfully made. The Master Potter spoke her into existence and said, "She's very good"; blessed to have been molded by the Potter's hands. Molded with great care, attention to detail, and immense love.

The Master Potter - Image by Jusben via Morgue File - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

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