The Noise

“But my church didn't...”

"My career commanded that I..."

“School demanded my time be spent...”

“The bank wouldn't...”

“Lord, but my husband said...”

“But God, my mom doesn't think I'm....”

“Nobody else believed...”

The God Who made y o u says, “What did I write into Y O U ?”

None have excuses that can stand on Judgment Day.

When you know God spoke into you, when you heard correctly and people you thought would be supportive can't ...or won't, it can feel confusing.

But people keep looking around for help instead of looking UP.

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When you KNOW God is calling you to something, and you keep asking people or churches to help you and they keep not doing things to help you get to the thing God put on your heart...

Consider this: Maybe He doesn't want their name on this work HE'S doing with you.

I believe it's a test of faith when people walk away or say no about something you know in your spirit you are meant to do.

When you hear someone share testimony AFTER the thing she's doing looks “good enough” to other people, after the tests of faith, after the millions of hours of work, after the dream inside her becomes something other people can see and touch, she will often tell you about the obstacles that she's come up against.

The AFTER is cool and all and God does miracles with it...
but the BEFORE part... when you seem to stand alone... that part is SO important.

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When you listen and follow Him He says HE will make you fishers of men.

When you feel He's called you to something YOU CAN KNOW He is able and He is faithful to complete it.

Sometimes I think about Noah and the lack of emotional support you know he faced while looking at that big ark just sitting there.

His faith could not be hidden.

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God didn't call him to hide.

I'm sure Noah would have a LOT to say about listening to what God is calling you to do. (Maybe if I could talk to anyone in history it might be him and of course talk to and walk beside Jesus because, well ...because.)

An interesting thing to think about is that when people finally understood that what Noah was saying actually was from God they only had about a -minute- for that “Aha” moment.

The HUMILITY Noah had to trudge through and the complete loneliness and the way you KNOW people mocked his faith could not have been something easy and it was nothing to laugh at.

But He knew what he knew. God was doing it and he did not have to convince anyone else that God was doing it for God to carry it out.

Noah had to believe and act on his belief. And God provided what He needed – including the strength to stand up under the pressure of what other people think.

God provides the ability to wait on Him.

Stop spending your precious words talking to people with lukewarm faith expecting them to believe what God is showing YOU He's doing WITH YOU.

I read something about a gentle answer being a very good response.

You might get a hundred people asking why you're doing what you're doing when you feel God tugging on your heart.

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It's most likely that people who make fun of what you're doing aren't able to believe God would do anything with THEM; much less that He'd choose to with you.

I don't know if it's just a lack of faith but I actually think it's also perhaps more. It's also a pride thing and perhaps a control thing for anyone else to think God couldn't or wouldn't do something with you (whether it seems too big or too small.)

Beautiful You, other people don't hold your future. God does.

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Please stop giving your power and identity away to people who won't stay in prayer with you for more of His confirmation and guidance and provision.

Your identity is to be found in Him, alone. Because when it is found in Him you have faith to stand up under any pressure of anything and anyone. Down on your knees in prayer is the best way to stand.

When God says to keep meeting together it's clear to me that we need to keep meeting together with others who truly believe-believe. I'm talking about MORE than meeting with people who just believe that God is God and Heaven is Heaven and Hell is Hell. Even the devil knows that much. The Bible says so.

Keep meeting with people who have eyes to see that God is STILL doing things now today with people who will be available to Him with their time.

He is STILL calling people. He is STILL leading people to specific places and work just as He always has since He created Adam and Eve. This whole Bible thing is The Living Word. It's not dead. He is more than able to bring to reality the visions and dreams He placed in you – no matter if anyone thinks they seem ridiculous.

If you aren't questioned and tested in everything then you may be too fragile when faced with anything.

If your faith in what He's doing with you is so easy to crumble with people asking you WHY you're doing what you're doing then you probably have no business doing it.

Whatever you feel called to do, you have to know it fully. You have to let it stand the tests or it (or you) would crumble under the pressure of what other people think. If it can crush under that pressure (which is a LOT of pressure, by the way) then perhaps you don't have any business doing whatever the ministry or thing is that you think you're supposed to do.

But if you put your trust in HIM, always and constantly praying to HIM for support HE WILL DO IT.

Stop looking to other people for what only God will do with you. He does not need their approval to do something with you.

He does not need their resources to do with you what He created you for. He owns the hills AND He owns the cattle ON the hills!

If He allows  or even causes  tests of faith by questions from others or circumstances to surround you it would be most helpful to remember that He is the FIRST place to go for ALL conversation.

When you give HIM your FIRST WORDS you think or feel about something, no matter what the circumstances, peace happens. Clarity happens.

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God keeps bringing more support EVEN THOUGH people we thought would be supportive just can't be.

And you know something? It's the most amazing adventure you will ever have!

Lord, please help us hear Your Voice above all the noise.

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[Author Note:

Those silly things our kids say...

From what I've witnessed, most people talked about what they knew they were to be when they were even toddlers.

For me, when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, “I want to be a mommy and a wife.”

WITHOUT FAIL, all the looks I got from people told me that wasn't the “right enough” answer (for them.)

But I do know. And I already knew. Feeling called to be a mom-figure to sex-trafficked girl survivors sounds remarkably like the same thing I was saying as a young child when people asked me.

You know what you know and that is enough.

When someone tells you what (he or) she is feeling God calling (him or) her to do, a faith-lacking response is “No He's not.” The best response I've learned is “Let's pray together for more confirmation and provision!”]

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