See Out Loud

If someone at church was ever mean to you this might be a message you want to read:

When Church Hurts - Image by Ayo Ogunseinde via Freely Photos - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

That was not okay.

Please, can you take a minute to read the rest of this? Just hear me out?

The Perfect Jesus - Image by webtop1 via Pixabay - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

Christians are not perfect but are just people who choose to follow Jesus to the best they know how usually. When people know better they (hopefully) do better (and I know that's not always the case.)

Some people (some are Christians and some aren't) hold other people to a standard of perfection - just waiting for someone to mess up. Spending life that way seems kind of wasteful because... they will mess up (whether you're watching or not.)

If you put your hope in people you'll be let down every single time eventually.

If the enemy can use the way people behave to make you vow never to step foot in church again ....then that was one of the easiest tricks he's done. Think about it.

A church building is the main place people swear, "I'm never going there again. They are a bunch of hypocrites." You're right. And hypocrites are also everywhere else. So please reconsider church being that one place you'll never go again.

If we could see out loud the spiritual side of the fight for our souls we'd be much more aware of what we vow to do and not do and how we spend our most valuable asset; our time.

Our Most Valuable Possession - Image Provided by nile via Pixabay - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes
Skeptics, don't worry. God sees lukewarm Christians and He says lukewarm Christians will be spewed out of His mouth. That sounds pretty serious. You don't have to worry if God saw that they did. He does see. And He's more capable to deal with that injustice than you (or I) are.

And for atheists or agnostics, people who choose to wager their whole life on "Well what if there IS no God?" That's a pretty big risk; the biggest you'll ever take.

If Christians are wrong, (Make no mistake. God is very real but for argument's sake for this moment let's just say what if.) then we wasted our lives trying to represent and RE-present Christ in ways that would be pleasing to Him.

If atheists and agnostics are wrong then they are wasting their -forever- and ultimately will have nobody to be upset with but themselves.

You have a choice to make.

This is the most important choice of your whole life. 

Some people complain it will cost. Well everything will cost.

Maybe think about it this way:

If you build and own a building and you choose how people get in the building, whether an ID badge or a pass or going through a metal detector, and people don’t want to do things your way for your building you would probably say, “That’s okay. Go some place else.”

Give Me Jesus - Image Provided by 44833 via Pixabay - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes
So it’s your choice to believe and live this out or or not.

Nobody can make you and nobody can stop you.
That is a pretty incredible Design, actually.

Don’t want Him? Totally okay. Do? That’s cool too.

Heaven is forever.

Hell is too.

Nobody can make this choice for you and nobody can take it away.

I pray you consider this whole church thing heavily
because there is the most to gain and also the most to lose.

You are so important.
Please don't let what someone else did stop you from seeing The Truth.

Your story is important; all of it. Somebody needs to hear what you have to say. 

Testify - Image Provided by PicMonkey - Word Overlay by Jennie Louwes

If you weren't so important then why would the enemy work so hard to keep you away?

Face of Valor - Kerri Valor - Image Provided by The Valor Family
Between the ages of 9 and 49 Kerri learned a lot about abuse; 
sexual, emotional, verbal, religious, and physical abuse. 

God sees everything and nothing is wasted.

While it would be easy to stay in a victim mindset,
Kerri has been able to see how God allowed her to learn along the way.

She developed a deep insight into the issues surrounding abuse
and feels called to help others survive too. 

Kerri and her daughters are currently waiting in faith in Northwest Washington 
for God to open doors to Alaska.
Once there, they'll be working towards the development of a homeless shelter
for domestic abuse and sex-trafficked survivors. 

They welcome your prayers, 
as well as financial partnership, 
to bring to fruition the shelter God has pressed upon their hearts to create:

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