Making Money From Your Message

“Isn’t it WRONG to make money from my message?”

And if you wonder that, you’re not alone.

Many of my students are wracked with guilt - at the thought of making a profit from sharing their message. They KNOW they have something to say… they KNOW it’s something the world needs to hear… but the thought of making money in the process makes their stomach churn. Because they feel like they should just do everything for free.

And my response?

You *can* do everything for free.

But if you do, you will probably not get very far. And your message will probably not get very far. And it will probably remain trapped inside the social circle of people you already know. Why?

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Rather, it’s about what the money frees you to do. Which is? Full time dedication to spreading your message. With no distractions. Writing - speaking - coaching - and getting your message into the hands and hearts of those who need it most - without being “held back” or slowed down by a separate job that you need to work, because you need to eat.

Once you have money in the bank… then you can be TRULY generous. Not just in how you give - but also in how you live! In other words, you can be more generous with your time… because you’re using less of it to financially stay afloat… and so you have more of it to give to others.

And then there’s the fact that - whether you or I or anyone likes it or not - when people pay you money, they tend to pay closer attention to your message. Because now they’re invested. It cost them something. And so they will listen much more closely… and follow through much more consistently… and seek transformation with EVERYTHING they’ve got… because BY GOLLY they’re not going to let that money go to waste!

And one last thought about money and morals.

In my mind… the more important question is this: 

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Are you using it to bless others? And spread your message? And follow God’s call on your life? And empower OTHER people to follow God’s call on their lives?

Or are you keeping it to yourself? Shutting your ears to what God might be asking you to do with your wealth - because you’re scared of giving it away?

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Keeping money from others - and ultimately from God - THAT is the real problem.

Today's message comes form Tamara Lowe of Kingdom Builder's Academy. 

Tamara Lowe - Image via Tamara Lowe's Public Profile on Facebook

"Tamara Lowe is recognized as one of the world’s most successful speakers and consultants, having trained more than 4,000,000 people in 75 countries.

Tamara is a New York Times bestselling author, admired businesswoman, and educator. As the founder of Get Motivated Business Seminars, she built her company from zero to $100,000,000 and has produced America’s largest seminars for more than twenty years.

Tamara is the Founder and CEO of Kingdom Builders Academy and has trained more than 100,000 public speakers, authors, coaches and media personalities how to build their expert brands and succeed as thought leaders in today’s world."

Dear Readers,

May we all take Tamara's words to heart, apply them, and see our own messages expand, grow, take hold, and make a difference. 

In Jesus' Name,


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