How to Survive Your Next Move

Moving is a mixture of elation and stress-induced-paralysis.
It's a "Bittersweet Symphony" of adventure and sadness;
and, just like when you have a newborn babe
that's awake every two to three hours looking for his (or her) next meal,
you'll be sleep-deprived beyond measure
because there's a deadline to be met;
and, this one,
(like that baby),
you have no choice but to meet.

My husband and me,
with our four children in tow,
are about to embark on our 4th move in 3.5 years;
what has this given us (other than non-stop headaches for weeks on end)?
Insight gained:
Knowing the best tools of the trade,
for boxing things up,
and the importance of self-care
through it all.

Watch this short video so you'll be able to survive your next move too;
misery loves company,
and I'd like to know we're not the only family crazy enough
to be moving over Thanksgiving,
(two years in a row),
unpacking and setting up for the Holidays
with a Countdown to Christmas
that's just 3 weeks away!
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Giving my all
to raise you up!


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