Go Green!

For you Spartan fans; sorry, I'm not referring to a cheer for Michigan State. I am; however, cheering for an equally great, green cause!

My husband and I have long been talking about reducing the use of chemicals in our home both within the foods we eat as well as the cleaning products we use.

Welcoming children into your life changes your perspective on just about everything. You think beyond yourself and look into the future of the world your kids will be inheriting.

With all the things that are wrong we can choose to change the course of history; it all starts with one person, doing the right thing, who paves the way for the next.

I received my first order of chemical-free cleaning products yesterday and read these words: "The contents of this box have the power to change the world."

I believe it! Going green, and doing your part to keep toxins and chemicals out of your home, keeps you and your children safe from breathing in or absorbing them and it also keeps the environment from having to absorb them too.  And, before you think chemical-free products sound too expensive, like organic grown foods; these products are cost effective, affordable and accessible to everyone!

It all starts with you. Your home. Your family. Let's clean-up planet earth, let's clean-up our own lives too; it starts with one load of laundry: Drying without dryer sheets and replacing them with
Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls .
(This really works)!

Is it wrong of me to say:

Simple changes can = big results!

I hope you join me: 

I urge you to take a moment and view these life-changing products:
I do believe they can change the world;
especially, in your hands.

Giving my all to raise you up!

Jennie Louwes

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