You Can Save A Life!

Dead Man Walking

The scenes depicting the crime,
rape, murder, 
enough to make me never watch it again;
even when crimes are horrific,
even when we turn from the crimes in disgust,
our stomachs churning,
our hearts broken,
tears and prayers aplenty;
all lives matter,
including those who have committed the crimes.

Death for a death
should not be a punishment we give one to another.
We have just as much blood on our hands as the murderer himself
when we murder him;
death row equates to execution row,
men waiting for their turn to die.

All lives matter.

Over-shadowed by so many other lives' voices needing to be heard
is Richard Glossip.
His life literally hangs in the balance,
he has 3 weeks left to live.

You may have seen Susan Sarandon, on The Doctor Phil Show,
with Sister Helen Prejean.

Dead Man Walking is the project on which these two women's lives first intersected.
Since then, both women have continued to rally against the death penalty.
Because, all lives matter.

One voice can change everything 
but how much more powerful
are a multitude of voices 
when they join together as one?
Let your voice be heard!

"I firmly believe Oklahoma is about to execute an innocent man.

Ten men have been exonerated from death row in Oklahoma in the past 35 years, four of them due to falsified testimony by criminals who had their sentences reduced in exchange for their testimony.

Richard Glossip, who is scheduled for execution on September 16, was convicted solely on the testimony of his coworker, Justin Sneed. Sneed confessed to the murder and avoided the death penalty himself by implicating Richard.

A stay of execution will give Richard's pro bono lawyers time to prove his innocence.

That's why I signed a petition to Governor Mary Fallin, which says:

'Stop the planned execution of Richard Glossip on September 16. Richard was convicted of murder after Justin Sneed, the man who confessed to the killing, claimed Richard had hired him to do it, despite a breathtaking lack of evidence. Sneed got a life sentence in a medium-security prison, while the self-serving testimony that saved Sneed's life sent Richard to death row.

Please grant Richard a stay of execution to allow his attorneys time to gather and present evidence of his innocence.'

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name: 

Thank you!"

The petition is found at "".
I do not endorse this website as one to join.
It is far-left within the majority of its petitions and positions;
however, the petition that Susan and Sister Helen have put forward is right
and I don't live within shades of grey.
I do my best to live in the light of what's good, noble and true, 
and to think of these things too (Philippians 4:8).
This petition is those words personified.
Please join me, 
let's save a life!

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