Live Within Winds of Change

In South-Central Alaska

Spring begins in May

and melds into a Summer that lasts until July;

it's August, Fall, and beautiful.

The air is fresh and crisp

like the first bite of a ripe apple in Autumn.

Unlike Casper, Wyoming,

where the winds blow fierce more than not,

South-Central Alaska has pockets of blowing breezes;

in Fall, the winds bring change;

it's windy now.

When winds of change blow through how do you survive them?

The last twelve years of my life have been filled with one constant: 


From discovering the double-life of my first husband,

to his leaving,

to a divorce;

because, a person alone does not a marriage make.

To rebuilding a new life,

a new persona, 

and a never ending search for a job that fit 

when all I really wanted was marriage and family;

to be loved, cherished, cared for.

Being discovered by someone new,

a marriage fast-tracked,

biological clocks ticking.

Eight years of marriage,

through turbulent seas;

five cross-country moves,

four kids in four and a half years.

And, now, possibly in our "forever" home;

(it's a little too early to know for sure).

The change continues 

because kids grow.

As with most everything in life

to have your "best life now"

Pray your way through.

It's best to embrace change 

rather than fight against it;

change is as inevitable as the wind that ushers Fall in.

Change embraced allows you to move forward,

with purposed steps;

an attitude of "Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)"

helps immensely!

Make the decision,


change will not take you from the path God has laid out for you to follow.

In fact, changes brought for you to weather may be exactly what He planned for you all along;

after all, there are lessons for all of us within change,

it's part of how we grow.


"Peter didn't sink until he took His eyes off Jesus" (Matthew 14:22-33);

keep your eyes fixed on Him,

find life within the winds of change.

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