Cancer Care

A box of goodness specifically curated for the care and well-being of those facing cancer. Cancer takes much away but one thing it doesn't have to take is pride of self and who you are as a person. This box will help bring about a semblance of normalcy while also bringing with it relaxation and rejuvenation for peaceful moments of self-care. The items will ship from Norwex and include: Lip Balm, Rescue Gel, and Body Lotion.

$43.00 dollars + $10.00 for shipping and handling reflects a 35% savings extended to you! The same percentage off a Norwex consultant receives when placing their personal shopping orders.

Shop today and be of encouragement to those you know who are fighting to be cancer free; seeking out their new normal as they cross through the battle lines that have been drawn before them. Be a buoy, in the storm, they can cling to. All it takes is knowing that others are thinking of them, praying for them, and showing up to battle beside them through gifts such as these. 

May these gifts bring healing to the spirits, minds, and bodies of those who receive them. Where skin is softened, dryness relieved, peace descends, and moods uplifted. In Jesus' Name, Amen.