Cancer Care

A box of goodness specifically curated for the care and well-being of those facing cancer. Cancer takes much away but one thing it doesn't have to take is pride of self and who you are as a person. This box will help to bring about a semblance of normalcy while also bringing relaxation and rejuvenation for peaceful moments of self-care. Will ship from Norwex and include Lip Balm, Rescue Gel, and Body Lotion. 

Jennie Louwes, Founder of MomPro, knows intimately of what those who live with cancer face. From a best friend, to 3 uncles, to a former classmate; to an aunt and cousins, who have all faced cancer, she has stood by the side of many and sought to uplift and encourage. She hopes this box of goodness will uplift and encourage whomever you're shopping for.