A Time to Give Thanks

Thanks and Blanks - Image Provided by Usborne Books and More

In today's world,
being detached, or separated from one another, is normal.
Finding one another, via a computer screen, or that of our phones,
is how we communicate.
We've lost an important part of knowing one another.

How much better is it to receive something our loved one's have 
and held themselves?
Pick-up a note-card, a pen, and learn how to say, "Hello", 
all over again! 

There's a time for everything under heaven;
make sure one of the things you thank someone for is this:
Thank you for being my friend.

Thank You Notes - Image Provided by Usborne Books and More

$20 dollars + $10 for shipping and handling.
30 Cards per Box. 

$1.00 per card. 
Card Sent, and Gifted to another? 

Buy a box of cards, send out loving thoughts,
encouragement the gift given and received.