Thought-Filled Giving

Mother's Day typically equates to we, as mom's, receiving flowers and a card;

perhaps, even a lunch out,
(with the hubby and kids in tow);
a day where words typically left unsaid are said in words written down,
sentiments we can revisit on days we need a pick-me-up
and a reminder of just how awesome we are.

if you're like me,
flowers and a card,
(although nice),
do little for me.
It's gifts that are expected, promoted, something to be checked off a list
and the giver given a sense of, "Okay, now I'm good."

and a bouquet of flowers from the supermarket,

would be great, unexpected surprises most days of any given week!
But, far from original, or thoughtful, on momentous occasions. 

Think outside the box, get more creative; may your gifts always be thought-filled!

  1.  Extra-Large Towels, in four complimentary colors, (to most bathrooms), that are velvety soft, cozy and highly absorbent? Yes, Please! $40- buys you one and it makes a great gift. (Click Here to Order)!
  2.  A hair turban and a spa wrap, for at home use or when traveling and on the go; all mom's are busy and anything that helps us save time but also leaves us feeling pampered is, well, ah-mazing! For $68.99 the hair turban and spa wrap can be bought as a set; (I want one, all mama's do)! Click Here to Order.
  3. Combine Organic Shea Butter, with Avocado Oil, and a Foot Stone and you're giving the gift of beautiful feet to your significant other at home. Not everyone can afford pedicures, on a regular basis, for many, it's a once a year treat; as for me, I haven't had a manicure in over 2 years and haven't had a pedicure in, well, I don't know how long! This I know, I don't have to go to the spa for beautiful feet when I have the right tools at home. Organic Shea Butter: $28 (and worth every penny! Click Here). Foot Stone: $14- (Click Here). Combine the two and you've got a thought-filled gift!
  4. As a mama, on a budget, things that are expensive are things I tend to steer clear of; especially, when it comes to me. Men, listen-up! The above encompasses so many gift-giving options; perhaps, enough to boggle ones mind. (Not exactly my hoped-for outcome). Most women, who are mom's, have a hard-time spending money on themselves because we've learned the art (and even joy) of self-sacrifice; however, sometimes, self-sacrifice goes too far. Help us take care of our delicate features. Our face, our neck; we need a relaxation rescue! Moisture Face and Neck Gel: $43.99 purchases a combination of organic materials (aloe vera, olive oil, wheat germ & apricot seed oil) that make up a gel which hydrates and softens a woman's skin; luxury at home. (You can find it Here). Relaxation Rescue Gel: $15.99 (You can't afford not to have this)! Glide this gel onto pressure points on your neck, temples and shoulders for the Relaxation Rescue promised in the name. (As good as it sounds! Click Here to Order).
  5. If you really want to wow the mama in your life; you can't go wrong with The Naturally Timeless, vegan, Facial Product Line. Chemical free skin-care; God's original, intended design of life was found in the Garden of Eden, let's get ourselves back there! $189- buys the mama in your life facial serum, day cream, anti-gravity night cream and radiant eye cream; she'll thank you for this! (Find it Here).

Thought-filled giving takes you beyond the status-quo, beyond the norm, beyond what's expected. Thought-Filled Giving: When someone walks away feeling loved. 

My hope, as my Top 5 Mother's Day Gifts are bought, given and received is they are life-giving, life-affirming and encouraging; you mama, have been made awesome, it's in your name: 

On Mother's Day, and always, may you feel this way.

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