Finding Your People

From an early age we realize we're not everyone's cup of tea.

If fortunate, this serves to create wills of steel and determined steps.
We learn, rejection hurts but it doesn't define;
we're in the best of company,
at rest in the shadow of Jesus Christ,
the Divine.

In the company of fellow believers we're at home. 
Each one a vital part of the body
fulfilling a role;
even bench-warmers serve.

What most of us also learn is this:
Even among believers,
even as we all play our parts;
those who are the hands, 
and those who are the feet,
may say "hello"
but it's the person next to them,
the one who helps complete the foot's purpose,
who's their person.

You see, if you're a "Type A" personality,
good with numbers, and a professional organizer;
you and I can't be friends.
Okay, not true,
we can be friends, 
and help each other where the other is weak;
but, we'll most likely never become bosom buddies,
we're simply too different.
Created for the same reason,
part of the same purpose and plan,
to fulfill The Great Commission;
yet, made to do it differently.

Your people,
the ones your spirit is instantly drawn to,
are usually those within your own sphere of natural talents,
giftedness and influence; 
if you're fortunate to be known and loved by a handful of these;
well then, you've been blessed.

I raise my glass of milk to you and say:
May you find your people.

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